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The Length of Bolts

Sundia has produced three sizes of bolt made for fixed axle diabolos.

53mm - 56mm - 59mm

Only the medium size is currently in production. The Taiwanese manufacturer stopped the production of the short and the long version respectively in 2020 and 2021.

The Wide fixed axle was produced in 2020. It allowed diabolos to gain 3mm in height. As a result, it became harder to tighten the washers with the shorter bolts. The longer bolt is too long to fully close the diabolo with standard washers. On the other hand, flat screws can let the bolt pass through. They are provided with accessories such as the LED Kits or the Spinning Bolt, making the longer bolts useful.

Useful.. But not necessary. Indeed, It is still possible to use these two accessories with the medium bolt. For Sundia, the demand was not good enough to justify keeping the longer bolt in production. At DiaboloFocus, we decided to order the remaining ones because we think they are still convenient for accessories and for your own creative needs.

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