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Guillaume Karpowicz Grey Costume in Berlin


My journey with diabolo began at 10 years old in France. After years of dedicated practice, I graduated from the circus school of Stockholm in 2016 and became a professional artist. Over the years, I have performed my diabolo act in more than 20 countries worldwide and have even set several diabolo world records.

In my early days, I used diabolos from Mister Babache and Henrys until I discovered Sundia. With 14 years of experience, I quickly realized the unparalleled stability and performance their diabolos offered.

After visiting them in Taiwan, I was inspired to start a shop offering the entire range of Sundia's products to help them reach diabolo enthusiasts in Europe. Managing the shop not only provides me with financial support but also allows me to pursue my passion for diabolo.

Guillaume in Berlin


I have the pleasure to ship your orders since 2019. A good reason to have walk in the beautiful streets of Berlin.

I am checking the products by hand to make sure they meet our quality standards. I am happy to answer any questions you may have via email or online chat.

Guillaume Karpowicz Grey Costume in Berlin
Sundia Shop Taiwan


From Taiwan, Sundia is the leading brand in diabolo equipment and is used and trusted by enthusiasts worldwide.


Unlike European manufacturers who produce all juggling props, Sundia focuses exclusively on diabolo. This allows them to dedicate their time and expertise to creating a wide range of  quality products.

In Taiwan, diabolo is taught in schools and competitions are organized regularly. This thriving diabolo culture has enabled them to access valuable insights from devoted players, which they incorporate into their products.


DiaboloFocus is an online shop managed by renowned diabolo artist Guillaume Karpowicz. Our primary goal since 2019 has been to represent the Sundia brand by offering their complete range of products and accessories to diabolo enthusiasts.

We are committed to offering new diabolo products and exclusive colors in close collaboration with the Sundia team in Taiwan. We value and consider your feedback from day one.