Can I order single diabolo cups ?

Yes, ordering a single diabolo cup is possible. Although it is not available on the website, you can still make an inquiry by email to We will first inform you about the price and if agreed, we will directly send you an invoice. The price is 11 euros for most diabolo cups but it varies with the models and colors.

What is the difference between 3-B and 5-B ?

Quintuple bearings (5-B) play more smoothly and they are more quiet. than triple bearings (3-B). They also cost more depending on the diabolo model. The difference between 1-B and 3-B is more noticeable so we would recommend 3-B for occasional use and 5-B for intense use.

Can my diabolo break ?

A diabolo may break when used in cold weather or when dropped on hard surfaces. Please try to be mindful about these two conditions. Soft cups diabolos are less likely to break than hard cups diabolos. A diabolo can last more than 5 years even with heavy use.

Does my diabolo have a warranty ?

There is no warranty on the Sundia products. You are responsible of any damages after use. However, If your product breaks shortly after use, we will liekely send you a new one or give you a refund depending on the case.

Can I order Sundia parts that are not on the website ?

Yes! If there is a Sundia product or accessory that is not listed on DiaboloFocus, we will likely find a way for you to order it. In that case, just send us an email to

What is the most popular diabolo ?

The EVO models are the most popular diabolos from Sundia.

Which products are exclusive and rare ?

DiaboloFocus is offering exclusive and rare products. Here is a list of some of them : EVO colors, spinning bolt, golden axles, monostick, dragon tail, 1kg string rolls, turquoise string and more..

What is the difference between EVO G2 and EVO G3 ?

The EVO G2 have soft cups and solid colors. The EVO G3 have hard cups and transparent colors. There are a few exceptions. Both models have the same design. In Europe, the G2 are recomended. In cold weather, the soft cups are more durable. In Asia, the G3 is popular because in warm and humid weather, hard cups perform better.


How is shipping calculated ?

The shipping is calculated by weight by DHL services. We round up the number to cover for the packaging expenses. DiaboloFocus was founded in 2019 and is a small online shop. The demand is currently not high enough for us to offer better rates. However, we have a free shipping policy for orders above 140€. By ordering, you are financially supporting a diabolo artist and you are contributing to improve our services.

How long does shipping take ?

We usually prepare orders on the same day they are placed. However, it may occasionally take up to 3 business days. After that, the delivery time varies by countries. Go to Shipping & Returns to learn more.

Can I add products after I placed an order ?

Yes! If you want to order more items right after you have placed an order, we advise you to quickly reach out to "". If your order has not been sent yet, we can send you a second invoice. Once you have paid it, we will add the items and ship the order.


Who is DiaboloFocus ?

DiaboloFocus was founded in 2019 and is specializing in diabolo by offering the full range of Sundia products and accessories. Booking services such as workshops and tutorials are available too. DiaboloFocus is managed by Guillaume Karpowicz, a diabolo artist known for his world class performances and technical level. Formerly sponsored by Babache and Henrys, he finally switched to Sundia for the higher stability of their diabolos. Through that partnership, Sundia has helped DiaboloFocus become the leading Sundia distributor in Europe.

Who is Sundia ?

Sundia is a taiwanese company manufacturing diabolo products. While western manufacturers are producing a wide variety of juggling props, Sundia is using all its resources into diabolo expertise. Sundia is bearing a cultural responsability. Indeed, diabolo is mandatory for taiwanese kids who have to practice it in school from age 12. Sundia is commited to develop their products through research and innovation. They were the first company to produce bearing axles in 2005 and they are now the first to have produced a magnetic bearing axle. Feedbacks from professionals help them to improve. They are the diabolo company offering the widest range of colors, models and accessories.